Monday, July 31, 2006

"On the Toll Road Again"

J. Kenneth Blackwell's New Big Idea...

Recently, Ken Blackwell was driving over the political road kill of his first Big Idea, the TEL Amendment, when he came up with his replacement Big Idea- to sell the road.

Want to know more?

Listen to "Karaoke Ken" sing "On the (Toll) Road Again."

Disclaimer. This is political parody and should not be taken seriously. Of course, you should not take any of the following seriously either: (a) Ken Blackwell; (b) any of Blackwell's "Big Ideas;" or (c) Blackwell's claim that he has a chance of becoming Governor. If you like the parody of "Karaoke Ken," or you just enjoy the music, feel free to pass the song along to all your friends that need a laugh.